Sunday, 8 December 2013


A story  is  told  of  a  wise  man   that  lived  in a certain village and  he  used  to answer  all the  hard questions  that were  asked.  One day, a  young man in the same village  decides  to trick  the  wise man.
He  puts  a  live butterfly  in his hands  and  goes  to ask  the wise man to  tell  him whether  the butterfly was alive  or dead. He  had intentions  of  disproving  the  wise  man. Just in case the wise man answered the butterfly was alive,  the young man would  squeeze  it in his hand  and kill it and  tell him it was dead. Also if  the  wise man answered  that the butterfly  was dead, this young man would just let the butterfly to fly in the air  signifying it  was  alive.the wise  man  then answered, ''  The  answer  is in your  hands". The ball  lies  in  your  hands.

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