Wednesday, 9 January 2013


For   every  down treading  circumstance  in  our  lives, God  will  give  us  beauty  for ashes. He  will lift us up when our spirits  are low. Psalms 145:14,  and  remove  every   reproach  the devil  has put on us  only  if we  believe  and  trust  his   word.  When  we  are  weak, then  we  are  strong Joel 3:10. Satan  only  fights  those  that  cause  havoc  to his kingdom.  We  should  therefore  take  courage   for  the battle  belongs  to  God.  We  ought  to put  on  the  armor  of  God  ie  righteousness,faith,salvation, preaching  the gospel, truth  and the word  of  God.  For   the weapons of  our warfare   are  not  carnal  but  mighty through  God  to the  pulling  down  of strongholds, casting down every  imagination  that  exalts  itself  against  God  and bringing  into  captivity to the obedience  of Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:4

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