Tuesday, 29 January 2013


He's  the  lord  God  that  goes  before us  as  a consuming  fire  and  drives  our  enemies  from  before  us.
About   a  year  ago,  there  was   a  workmate  who  was  on  my  case  and  made  everything  possible  for  me  to  be  terminated. The  battle  belongs  to God  anyway. Yesterday, on the 28th  of January  2013, a  team  from  the immigration  department  ambushed  the  place  and  got  every  foreigner  who didn't   have  proper  documents  concerning   their  stay   in Uganda  and  this  very  person who was  on  my case  was the  main point  of target  as  his passport  had been earlier  rejected  at Immigration.  They  arrested  about 30 people. The rest  were released  but  he was  detained  and he  spent  a night  at  the police station. As  I  write  this  blog, it  is about  6 hours  from the  time he's  been  deported  to  his  home country  by  the Ugandan government.

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