Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Several  things  good  and  bad  do  happen in our  lives  either by our own mistakes or  by other  people's bad intensions. But did  you  know  that God  can turn them all for  your  good  and for your  blessings.
Always  think  of  how you can  be  a blessing  or a source  of  help  to people  and  in  so  doing  God  will  bless you  as  well. For  the  things  that  seem  impossible  in  your  life  are just  a  count  of  time . When the  right  time  comes, it  will  all  be  a  history. For  as  long  as  you’re  doing  God’s  will, every thing  that  was  pre destined  by  him  in your  life  will come  to pass. When  the  fullness  of  time   had  come, God  sent forth  his  son to be born  of  a woman. Even when  I  pass through the valley  of the  shadow  of  death I will fear  no evil  for  you’re  with me.Your  shepherd  rod  and  staff  comfort  me.

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