Monday, 23 April 2012


      Health   is  wealth   means  you  treasure  your  well being   more  than  your  financial wellness. To  most  of  the  people  wealth   is  health. It   is  unfortunate  that   most  of  them never  take  time  to find  out  how  they  are  progressing   health wise and  only  wake  up  when  they  get  that  bad  report  from  the  doctor when  it   is too late. But  every one  of  us knows  that  prevention  is  better  than cure. Before   you criticize   anything , please   find  out  the  detail  of  the matter.
It  is surprising  to know  that  people  tend  to care  more  and show  love  when  some one  is  dead than  when  they are  alive. So  take  your  health  as priority by  feeding  yourself  with all the  necessary knowledge.

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