Thursday, 5 April 2012


Triumphal Entry by Harry Anderson 
During  the triumphant   entry  of  Jesus   to  Jerusalem, we  see  people  hailing  him  as  the  King of  Kings,laying  down  their  mats, palm  leaves  for  the donkey  to  pass  on.
Yelling  Hossana  “Blessed  is he  who  comes  in the name  of the  lord”
It  is  surprising  to know  that  the  same  people  that  were  praising  him  were  the  same  people  agitating  for  him  to  be crucified  that  he  was  calling  himself  the  King  of  the  Jews.
It  was  the  Lord’s  will  for  all  this  to be done.
The Bible  says  in 1 Peter  3:19   that  he  went  and  preached  un to spirits  in prison. Have you ever  asked  yourself  how  the  people  who  lived before  Jesus  could  have  heard  about  the  his  gospel?
The only  way  was  for  him  to be  dead  and  get  the  opportunity  to  preach  to  them. It  is  interesting  to know  that  many of  those  who  had  died,  rose  and  were seen  by  many. Thanks  to  our  God  the ruler  of  everything.

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