Thursday, 23 August 2012

1 KINGS 12 AND 13

In chapter  12,  Jeroboam  turns away  from the lord under the disguise of fearing Israelites turning back to king Rehoboam if they went to worship the lord in  Jerusalem. Het sets up altars  for  other gods, makes 2 molten calves  for the Israelites to worship and sacrifice  to them.God sends  a prophet to  prophesy  to him. As he was offering incense the prophet tells him there would be a time when the bones of  all those kings  that have turned away from God would be offered on that same altar as incense and the sign would be for the altar to split  in to 2 and the ashes would be poured out.King Jeroboam stretches his hand against the man of God commanding to lay hold of him  and his hand  dries up so that he could not pull it back again. He  implores the man of God to pray so he could restore his hand and after he prays, God restores it. We learn to  worship the lord alone and no other.

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