Thursday, 23 August 2012

1 KINGS 13

The altar was rent and the ashes poured out  as the man of God had prophesied. Jeroboam entreats the man of God to go and eat with him but he refuses and tells him God had commanded him not to eat  anything nor go back the same way he had come from.The prophet continues with his journey as the lord had commanded him and  it was told to one of the old prophets what had happened. He  requests his sons to saddle the donkey for  him  so he may find the man of God. On meeting him,he implores him to go back and eat with him. But the prophet hesitates. The old prophet deceieves him that God had  spoken to him also that they may go back  to his home and eat together.
Un fortunately, the  man of God accepts and follows him and as they were eating, God speaks through the old prophet and tells him, since he had disobeyed God's command, he  would be eaten by a lion. And it so happens that as he  returns his way, the lion slays him and he dies. We learn not to reveal  God's message to us to people because satan will use them to make us fall like this prophet did.The bible says we should be as gentle as doves but as wise as serpents.

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