Monday, 6 August 2012


  1. Thank God for your  life.
  2. Thank him for his provision
  3. Thank  him for his protection
  4. Thank him for your  family         
  5. For  his gift  of salvation in case you accepted him as your saviour.
  6. For  his good plans  for you.
  7. Thank  him for marriage in case you are married if you not yet thank him still because  his word says in Isaiah 34:16 that none shall lack a mate.
  8. Thank him for  your  job however small it may be because there are people who  have not yet found one.
  9. Thank  him as well if you haven't got  one because he has  something in store for  you and thank him  you still believe and worship him inspite of your  adversity.
  10. Thank him for  the cross and his blood that was shed for you.
When we learn to be grateful to God , he  will  satisfy  us with good things.
Stop complaining .Thank and worship God for who he is not what you want him to do for you.

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