Monday, 20 August 2012


For  those of you that  find it hard to read  the bible, I am here to get you by the  hand and share with you what God has for us.I  have a great desire to read the bible  and I like quoting scriptures  alot.This  time let's begin with the book of 1 kings. I will be  giving you the briefs  and encouraging you accordingly.1 Kings Chapter 1  talks about  the time when David was of age and very ill. It so happened that Adonijah, one of his sons forcefully made himself king and yet David had sworn to crown Solomon as King. It  all started when Adonijah took a click of people  along side Abiathar the priest and announced himself king.Later David gets to know and  crowns Solomon as king. Adonijah  gets scared and pleads for mercy from David who forgives him.We learn that all authority comes  from God and no matters  what the Devil plans for us,as long as we have a clear stand with God, his counsel will stand.

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