Wednesday, 7 November 2012


A  faithless  christian  is like  a toothless  dog.  Abraham  is  called  a friend  of God  simply  because  of  his  strong  faith  in God. He  trusted  God  above  all odds. He   lived  to see  some of the  promises  God  gave him though, he never  saw  the  numerous  descendants  God  promised him.  Delayal  for  God's  promises  is not  denial. Between   God's  promise  and  its  fulfilment  is  opposition   from  the  devil. Faith  and patience will  however  help you  to  obtain  it. Hebrews 6:12. Let  us not be  slothful, but  let's be  followers  of those  who  through  faith and patience obtain promises.
Talking  of faith, even demons  believe and tremble. The difference  is, you  don't  have  to give up.

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