Tuesday, 30 October 2012


There're   things  the  devil does and makes  us think God  is not  aware of what is happenning.  He who keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. It  is amazing the  devil too doesn't  sleep because he knows time is up for him. He  roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour.  For John the  baptist, when he was about to be beheaded, he sent two of his disciples  to  ask Jesus if he was the one or they should expect another. God knows everything and he sees every tear that falls. No wonder after they had left, he  calls  John the greatest  among those born of women.  Jesus was too going to be crucified on the  cross. There's no hard situation that  the lord  Jesus did not face on earth and the worst being death. He  waited for Lazurus  to be burried to show his glory. He knows every pain and at  the right time he  proves himself  strong. He  will wait that he may be gracious  to us for he is a God of judgement. Isaiah  30:18

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