Tuesday, 16 October 2012


One of the devil's  weapons  against us  is  intimidation. He will  build  an  environment  of  instilling  fear in  us to doubt  God's  power. A  case  that exactly  happenned  to Moses. He  will  exaggerate  our  weaknesses to be our inability  to  obey God. For Moses, it  was his  stammering tongue. God  will  use you inspite  of  how  imperfect  others may  consider you. The question  would be, why  do we  have to  pass through  difficult  times  yet  we have a caring God?  Jesus never  promised  an un challenging christian life, he said in John 16:33,  In the world you will face tribulations, but be of good cheer  that I have  overcome  the  world. He  says  in Mark 10:29, that those that  have left  everything for  him  and the gospel, he will give 100 fold  with persecutions  in this world  and in the world eternal.

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