Friday, 19 October 2012


Just  like that  song that says, your  grace still amazes  me. Indeed, God's love  is  un explainable. I  just don't understand  how God  would love  a sinner like me. So  loving and merciful. Sometimes, we  forget this and even take it  for granted. We  cleave  on the minor  needs that can not be compared to eternal life.  We complain  alot about the  physical needs  like money and rule out  the fact  that  we are  delivered from the power of darkness. Inspite of  the price that was paid  for redemption, many are still being  oppressed  by the devil  and others have sturbbonly  refused  to accept him even after  hearing the  gospel. It's  something worth thanking him for you to be in the  light.

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