Friday, 12 October 2012


For  God to deliver the Israelites from  Egyptian slavery, it   was  a  3 days' journey for them to reach the  promised land or a land flowing with milk and honey. (Exodus 3:18). As I  was  reading this  and asking myself  why  it had to take them 40 years to reach there,  God  reminded me of  Hosea 6:1 which  says, Come let's return  to the lord, he has torn us but he will heal us, after two days, he will revive us and on the third day  he  will raise us. First of all  these people  were used to  a particular  mentality that God had to  deal with. Just in case they were ready  spiritually, it  would happen as God had told them. They  would be  prompted to return to Egypt in that case. God  had to teach them how to depend on him in the good  and bad circumstances. The same happens to us and our  miracle will partly depend  on our  willingness and commitment to receieve  it.

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