Thursday, 20 September 2012


In this  act, God  instructed the Israelites to  utterly destroy their enemies.
Saul  lost his position as king over Israel  due to failure to utterly destroy the Amalekites  and spared Agag their king and  the fat sheep and oxen. Samuel tells  him in chapter 15:22  and 23 that obedience  is better than sacrifice for rebellion is  as withcraft. We have been  made to believe withcraft only means  astrology, or visiting the shrine. Hosea 6:6  says  God desires  mercy and not sacrifice, the knowledge  of God  rather than burnt offering. God requires us to fulfil all righteousness. James 2:10 says  if you keep the law  and transgress at one point you are guilty of all. Our  hearts  and  response towards God's word  matter alot.

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