Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The  book of Reveletions  calls satan  the ancient serpent or serpent of old. Just like in the garden of Eden where he  tempted Adam and Eve  is the same way he tempts us.  There are moments  when God speaks  and even proves his word true  but situations  will cause us to doubt. If you've ever reached a moment where you begin to question yourself if God really spoke to you inspite  of God's  powerful manifestation in the beginning, then it is automatically the wisper of the devil. Remember what he told Eve." Did God really say  you should not eat of that tree?" God  speaks once. Any other views will be from satan. Psalms 62:11 says, once God has spoken twice have I heard that all power belongs to him.When God  speaks, it doesn't  mean everything will be smooth.Temptations and afflictions will come but our faith and patience will help us obtain his promises. (Hebrews 6:12). Remember the Israelites when they asked Moses whether there were no graves in Egypt that he should take them to the wilderness to suffer. Inspite of all the signs and wonders that God had done through Moses?

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