Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Having lost his  position  in heaven as  a son  of the morning,(Isaiah 14:12), satan  roams  around the earth  in many forms basically  to  derail God's children from their  predestined purpose of worshiping God. 1 Peter 5:8  says  he's like  a roaring  lion. His intension is just to  intimidate  us. Isaiah 59:19 says he comes in like a flood to drown us. The  book of Reveletions calls him the serpent of old. Jesus said when an evil spirit gets out of  a person, it goes to the wilderness  and   then decides to come back where it was preciously to see whether  the house is empty and if it is so, then it brings seven more demons with  it and the person's state becomes  worse than the previous. It literally means  satan  has no home rather than to possess  the people  he convinces  to rebel against God's will for their lives. God will plead  my cause and take vegeance for me and dry the sea of the devil and his springs. Jeremiah 51:36

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