Thursday, 6 September 2012


When we talk about homosexuality, everyone's  mind will be channelled  to  Sodom and Gomorah as the only cities that committed this evil. There are two  incidences in the bible where God destroyed  this evil act  and by fire. The second  incidence is found in the book of Judges chapter 19 and 20 where  at the time when there were nolonger judges in Israel and everyone was doing what seemed right in their sight, the Benjamites, living in Gibeah commited the exact sin as in the days of Abraham and lot by intreating a certain old man  to sleep with the levite that he had lodged. Nevertherless, the old man begs them to sleep with the levite's concubine whom they abused sexually the entire night till she died. God  avenges the Benjamites when the rest of  Israel smites them and destroys them by fire.

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