Friday, 21 September 2012


The  devil has  hoodwinked people to believe  being  blessed  means  having money and whatever  has got to do with materialism or stuff.  Jesus said  blessed are the peace makers, the pure  in heart, those that hunger for  righteousness, the  merciful  in regard to the sermon of the beatitudes in Matthew 5.  Others  have also been made  to believe blessings are  only got when someone lays  hands on us in the name of praying for us. Those are just  some of the ways.  Many have also mis interpreted  the  language  of sowing seed  to be  only giving  money to others  especially  in religious  gathering.  The seed means  alot, money being one of them.  Our character; what we  speak  and do is  a seed. Hosea 10:12 says  sow yourselves in righteousness that you may reap mercy.  Preaching the word  of  God  is equally sowing a seed. Helping the needy say  beggars is  a seed. Hosea 4:6  says,  " My people perish for lack of knowledge". Some  people  are being taken advantage of  simply because they never  read their bibles. You  will know the truth and the truth will set you  free. John 8:32. Sometimes  preachers  quote scriptures  wrongly  on TV  or other  places and I  will easily notice it because I read my bible. You too should  be able to distinguish  the true and false prophets  using the word of God.

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