Monday, 17 September 2012


A  roll  is a  list of things written  down. In heaven there's record keeping  as well.  Whenever   someone  accepts Christ  as their  saviour, their  names  are recorded  in the book of life  but  if they turn away from God, their names  are blotted or erased  from that book.(Reveletions 3:5) For this book, it is only the son of God that is worthy to open it. The Cherubims  are record  keepers in heaven. Our sins  are also written down in a book and only  erased when we repent.( Isaiah 43:25). God  also has our names written on the palm of his  hands. Our  tears  are also written in God's book.( Psalms 56:8).  Our good deeds are also recorded when  he says whatsoever  we do to the least of the brethren we do it  to him.( Matthew 25:35). When  the roll is called  up yonder on the judgement day, will your name be there?

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