Thursday, 6 September 2012


Judges chapter 13 to 16 talks about the life of Samson, who judged Israel for twenty years  by  the  strength that God  had  granted him to destroy the Philistines. There's  always  a mystery about  our gifts from God that the devil doesn't know and the only way to weaken us is by  killing  it. Once you  expose  and link your gift to the heathen say, singing gospel music along with the heathen, the spirit of God departs from you. James 1:27 says  true religion and un defiled is to keep yourself un spotted from the world. Samson lost his gift when he revealed the secret of it to Delilah. God's calling for our lives is always attached with a gift to help us  accomplish his will. What is your gift and how have you used it  to serve God?

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