Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Perhaps  some of you may be wondering where the word Jehovah Shalom came from. I  like reading the bible and just like in Ezra 7:10, I have  prepared  my heart to search the law of God,do it and  teach  it to friends. The  book of Judges comes to its  significance at a time when  Joshua was dead at an old age of 110 years and   Israel needed a leader to guide her. God raises different judges among whom included: Ehud, Shamgar, Prophetess Deborah. Samson to mention but a few. These helped Israel to fight and defeat her enemies.Gideon was one of the judges  that God used to save  Israel. God appears to him through his angel who calls him a mighty man of valour  inspite of him  being from a poor  family and from Mannaseh the least of tribes in  Israel. It  is amazing how God  does not consider our physical appearance or financial status to use us but rather searches our hearts. Gideon  gets afraid immediately he realises it  was an angel of God. God tells him, " Peace is with you". He builds an altar in this place and calls the place "Jehovah Shalom" (Judges 6:24)

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